with an N-number terminating in W

and the beautiful blue trim

her name was a given


Ever since I read a book about an Alaskan bush pilot when I was a kid,

it was my secret wish to own a Cessna 170 one day.

It took me a while to find my bird, but in the end I lucked out.

By that time my choice of airplane was no longer determined by romantic stories,

but by “tangible criteria”:

solid flight characteristics and nimble handling, decent performance, versatility

and many certified and proven modifications all pointed towards a 170B.

And then there is this classic “round-tail” look….

cessna 170B

 WhiskyBlue ticked off a lot of mods on my “nice to have”-list when I bought her.

Go there to see what she’s got…


I took her on a wonderful three week camping trip across the Eastern US

and had made plans for more

when the pandemia hit….

With my plane safely in a hangar

and me 6000 miles away, there was no way to fly her.

So I decided: time to upgrade and turn WhiskyBlue into the best 170B she could be