All will be good….

… that’s what I wrote in my last post – relying on hope, or on past experience?

Well, a little bit on both, actually – or better yet: on the hope that past experience would repeat itself.

Which it did – eventually.

What was that past experience, you ask?
Well, it’s worth explaining, because it happened to me more than once: I wanted something really, really bad. So I did all in my power to get it – and I made good progress.
Then, suddenly, a road block! No, not simply a big block in the middle of the road – no, more like the end of the road or a tunnel with no light at the end.
After some time to digest the unexpected development I reminded myself that there must be other roads.
I turned back and started looking, found an alternative path and let go of the blocked one.
Once again I went full blast ahead.
And then, out of the blue, I encountered a sign back to what turned out to be the continuation of the original road, to the exit of the tunnel.
What I learned: there’s no cheating. One can’t pretend to not care anymore about the block, to pretend, perhaps, to let go of the desired outcome entirely to ‘force’ the sign to appear.
Doesn’t work.
One has to let go, totally.
When ‘my’ bird had suddenly vanished I was truly disappointed, who wouldn’t be. It took me a day or two to rationalize that there must be another one for me out there.
And sure enough, one showed up. I started looking into it and made the necessary calls and early check-ups.
On my third day of digging I get a whatsapp message telling me where I might find the sign how to get back to ‘my’ bird….
Wow. Once again!
The “gag”  came off and after a couple of days she could finally breath again.
As did I…

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  1. Isn’t it amazing what the universe has in store for us? Believe in yourself and amazing things can happen. Congratulations! Thank you for reaching out. Remember, we talked about–you never meet anyone by accident. *Smiles* When can I go for a ride? LOL Be well my friend! Enjoy the dream . . . . Cheryl

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