I got another Cessna 170 !

“What’s your mailing address?”
During our last chat Greg had thrown in that question rather casually.
I was wondering a bit what he’d like to send but didn’t ask for details.

A week or so later I get a SMS from DHL giving me an ETA of a parcel I was to receive.
At first I thought that he might have mailed copies of logbooks or some other documents.
Then I followed the link in the message and saw an amazon code attached.
My documents shipped via amazon? Didn’t think so…​

The mystery package arrived two days early – can you believe it… – together with a new load of the white stuff.

“I thought you needed some connection with your bird” was the accompanying comment via audio a couple of hours later.

 What a wonderful surprise!

> Balsa wood construction kit < it said – and no recommendations for the age group of the constructors given…

Will I be able to built this “EXPERIMENTAL” Cessna? – let’s look inside.

And then I had a flashback…..

….to the early sixties !

yep – I built this model long time ago !

Another case of back to the roots?

1 thought on “I got another Cessna 170 !”

  1. Charles Collman

    Wolf, thanks for sending out your blog on your dreams. It certainly reminded me of my obsession to fly a Mooney Mite. I enjoyed owning and flying it but the time came to sell it last year.

    Continue to pursue your dreams. Hope to see you in Salida in the near future.


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